Linda Barrett is a master baker and health enthusiast who rediscoverd the chia seed as a food source more than 20 years ago. She has been a passionate advocate for developing Chia seed agriculture and incorporating Chia into our nutrition.  Linda  offers consultation on Chia recipe development to companies who want to use Chia to optimize the nutritional value of their baked products.


Linda Barrett, a master baker and recipe developer, first began her adventure into bread development with the idea of making a meal in a loaf by creating breads with a bean/grain combo.  This combination creates a "complete protein". This was the beginning of her journey to developing Linda Barrett's Chia GardenBreads.

After significant research to find the optimal seed to top baked breads with, Linda learned of the Salvia Hispanica L. seed.  Salvia Hispanica L., or chia, is a hydrophilic seed which, like the beans and oats she put into the breads, absorb a lot of water, improve digestion, help to lower cholesterol and help prevent the blood sugar spikes that lead to diabetes. She topped her Chia breads with this nutritous gelatinous seed.  However to boost nutrition, make the breads rise better and have a soft crust, she also also began adding them to the dough of her nutritious GardenBreads.   

There are now over 30 different flavors that have been marketed through her own bakery, some developed into dry mix formulas and are even produced into pizza crusts that have been analyzed by the National Food Labs and approved to be served in the Paso Robles Public School Lunch Program. They are healthy Omega-3 rich breads loved by children and the elderly alike, as they are delicious and easily digested and a ‘complete nutrition’ meal-in-a-loaf.

Linda’s discovery of Salvia Hispanica L. or Chia was such an interesting find that she began to experiment with this seed in other recipes in 1989.

She found that chia was not in use in any commercial foods available anywhere! She researched the nutritional content of the seed, as it was obvious by the amount of water that it absorbed that it was very rich in soluble fiber.

She also discovered that chia is our richest plant source of a renewable, sustainable supply of Omega-3 which is now considered our most important and deficient nutrient in most of the world’s population. Also the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 is optimal.  Omega-3 is essential to optimum brain development from conception and particularly through development of a baby’s brain before birth, and throughout children’s development. Flax seed is a good source, but difficult to add to most recipes especially in children’s diets.