Linda Barrett is a master baker and health enthusiast who rediscoverd the chia seed as a food source more than 20 years ago. She has been a passionate advocate for developing Chia seed agriculture and incorporating Chia into our nutrition.  Linda  offers consultation on Chia recipe development to companies who want to use Chia to optimize the nutritional value of their baked products.

Why Add Chia to Your Diet?

Good question!  Here are the six main reasons Chia could improve your nutrition:


Chia is THE richest plant source of Omega-3 essential oil -- even more so than flax seeds.  The membrane of every cell in our brain contains Omega-3 to protect it from damage and dehydration.  The brain controls every function in the body.


Chia is the ‘SUPERSTAR’ of antioxidant rich foods.  Antioxidants are the components of plant foods, discovered in recent years, to prevent cell damage and slow the effects of aging. Chia’s long shelf life is created by its high levels of 10 identified antioxidants.  Chia’s rich antioxidant content even extends shelf life of foods it is mixed into to extend freshness.  Chia is rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.  It is especially rich in calcium.



Chia holds up to 15X its weight in water (held in its soluble fiber) and provides time-release hydration as it passes through the digestive system.  Hydration is critical to optimize every biological function, including absorption of nutrients and medication.  As little as 6% loss in hydration can cause cell damage or even death. Hydration is especially important for athletes to prevent electrolyte loss, which maintains endurance.



Chia is our richest source of soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber slows digestion and in doing that helps stabilize blood sugar which is important for diabetics.  Soluble fiber also lowers LDL cholesterol and helps reduce high blood pressure and risk of heart attack.  Soluble fiber is found ONLY in plant foods.  Cholesterol is found ONLY in animal foods.



Chia is also rich source of dietary (rough) fiber, critical in keeping our digestive system clean and flowing smoothly.  Adequate soluble and dietary fiber is especially important for those on a diet including animal foods.



Chia contains complementary protein sources, which combined form a “complete” protein containing all essential amino acids.  Complete protein foods are essential for building muscle and new cell growth. It is especially important for pregnant women and nursing mothers and those recovering from injury.  Chia’s complete protein, along with its structural and hydration properties, provide everything needed, on a cellular level, to satisfy appetite and create enduring energy -- the reason for its reputation for centuries as the ‘Running Food’.