Constantine Orbelian

th2Constantine Orbelian stands astride two great societies. He finds and promotes synergistic harmony from the best of each.” (Fanfare) For almost 20 years the brilliant American pianist /conductor has been a central figure in Russia’s musical life. Music Director of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and the Philharmonia of Russia, Orbelian is also a frequent guest conductor with other illustrious Russian orchestras. He tours with American stars in Russian music centers, Russian stars in North American music centers and extends these splendid collaborations to tours in Europe, UK, Japan, Korea and other music capitals throughout the world.

Orbelian’s appointment in 1991 as Music Director of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra was a breakthrough event. He is the first American ever to become music director of an ensemble in Russia. This “American in Moscow” is well known as a tireless champion of Russian-American cultural exchange and international ambassadorship through his worldwide tours. In January 2004, President Putin awarded Orbelian the coveted title “Honored Artist of Russia,” a title never before bestowed on a non-Russian citizen. In May 2010, Orbelian led the opening Ceremonial Concert for the Cultural Olympics in Sochi, Russia — the first event setting the stage for Russia’s hosting of the Olympic Games in 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorn in San Francisco to Russian and Armenian emigré parents, Constantine Orbelian made his debut as a piano prodigy with the San Francisco Symphony at the age of 11. After graduating from Juilliard in New York, he embarked on a career as a piano virtuoso that included appearances with major symphony orchestras throughout the U.S., U.K., Europe and Russia. His recording of the Khachaturian piano concerto with conductor Neeme Järvi won “Best Concerto Recording of the Year” award in the United Kingdom.

From his 1995 performance at the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the United Nations in San Francisco, to his 2004 performance at the U.S. State Department commemorating 70 years of diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow and a repeat State Department appearance in 2007, all with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Orbelian continues to use his artistic eminence in the cause of international goodwill. He and his orchestras also participate in cultural enrichment programs for young people, both in Russia and the United States.  In 2001 Orbelian was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, an award given to immigrants, or children of immigrants, who have made outstanding contributions to the United States. In 2013, Constantine expanded his portfolio to include becoming a principal founder and owner in Mother Chia, a  company dedicated to raising the nutrient standard of the American diet with Chia seed, co-founded by Linda Barrett and Constantine’s mother, Vera Orbelian, a Doctor in Obstetrics and life long health advocate.

Daniel Taylor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaniel Taylor has spent his adult life in service to improving health for mankind. He became a Physical Therapist in 1989, but also held a license as an administrator for his Mother’s residential care facility where she and Daniel cared for 6 developmentally disabled men from 1976 to 2002. It is commendable to them both that these 6 well-cared for men rarely made visits to the doctor, as Ida Taylor gave them NO prescription drugs of any kind. The plant based diet that was provided, also provided optimum health, happiness to and much savings to the tax payers of California. Daniel has been a Physical Therapist, Sport Coach and volunteered as a coach at the United States Adaptive Recreation Center helping handicap people learn to ski for 17 winters. He has been a financial and moral support for the development and pioneering of Chia seed into the food industry since 1988 and claims that Chia played a big roll in providing the energy to sustain his busy life. Daniel Taylor  has been using Chia Seed since the 1980′s.


Linda claims that the hospital where she was born, which is now the Loma Linda School of Allied & Preventive Health, must be where her interest in a healthy lifestyle began. Her Mother said her enthusiasm for baking began at 2 years of age. Linda’s Mother was a wonderful roll model and teacher of a healthy, innovative plant based cooking and gave her the great beginning for the opportunity that she met when she discovered Chia. There were other fortunate experiences that Linda to the Chia discovery. She had the opportunity to study baking in Basel, Switzerland where she decided baking and domestic health was her calling. She married and had 3 beautiful children and continued her practice of healthy cooking and baking with the focus of raising healthy children on a 400 acre almond farm. This is where she learned so much about seeds and seed selection from her children’s great grandfather. When the almond processing farm burned down in 1985, she found herself with 3 children to raise and not wanting to leave them home to go to work, decided to embark on a home based gift box almond brittle mail order business. It sold the 7 flavours of Swiss chocolate coating extremely well during the holidays, but before internet capability, was a very seasonable business. So, she decided to fill in the rest of the year with baking bread, her childhood dream. She then developed a ‘complete’ protein bean-based bread and added a variety of vegetables and different beans for flavour and nutrient selection. She loved the nutrition and crunch that seeds provided to the tops of bread, but didn’t like the way they fell off, so she set out looking for an adhesive seed. She stumbled upon Chia seed in 1988 and was so amazed that with its thickening, hydrophilic and nutrient qualities, she created over 75 different recipes dedicated to the super grain.

Thomas Schoenberger

Thomas_the_GreatThomas Schoenberger is a composer and polymath who passionately studies the history of food in ancient culture. His studies of 16th century Nostradamus’s holistic medical journals gave Thomas great insight into natural cures to modern ailments.His international travels have led him to source out the “recipes of the ancient world”  Thomas serves as director of Social Media for Mother Chia, in addition to providing business development consulting for the corporation.

Dr. Vera Orbelian


With over 75 years in the health industry as both a M.D. and organic chef, Vera Orbelian started studying plants and their affinity to health in 1930. Vera is a strong advocate of Chia and it’s amazing health properties. Dr. Orbelian’s amazing recipes have delighted people in America since her arrival to the states from Russia in 1948.At 95 years of age, she does not use reading glasses and maintains a state of health befitting a woman half her age. Vera “Mother Chia” Orbelian’s secret to good health is in her philosophy of “Good diet, Good Life”