Chia Seed

Why is Chia seed  (Salvia Hispanica L.)  ’Mother of the plant kingdom’?

Chia has recently been identified as earth’s most nutrient dense plant food, having the highest quality hydrophilic soluble fiber.  We believe that this hydration phenomenon makes Chia able to deliver its Super nutrients and optimize all cellular functions that give us sustained energy and vitality.

Hundreds of years ago, Meso American cultures thrived on the complete nutrition and hydrophilic properties of the Super grain we call Chia.  The Inca’s most probably built their castles upon the mountaintops of Peru, in no small part with the help of the amazing endurance effects Chia has on the human body.

The Aztec’s were known to take Chia before waging major battles,  since it heighten their senses and extended energy and endurance.  The Mayan civilization created human freeways, running 5 miles a day, which kept their bodies strong and in excellent shape.

How can this super grain help you?  How about feeling younger and enjoying greatly improved vitality and health?  Its super hydrophylic properties provide an environment of stable hydration, allowing optimum metabolism and bodily functions, while its rich antioxidants diminish the deleterious effects of pollution, smoke, poor diet, stress and stomach problems.

Chia Seed is once again enjoying amazing success,  thanks to the re-discovery of this long forgotten plant 25 years ago.


Mother Chia procures it’s seeds from the finest sources.  We actively seek out the best ingredients from qualified vendors and bake our products to perfection.  We offer breads that nobody else on earth can replicate.  Express shipping is available worldwide.