• Is Chia Expensive?

Mother Chia believes that Chia is the greatest value of any food available when prepared properly into Chia gel before consuming.  


  • Is it good to eat Chia dry?

When Chia is eaten dry, it  absorbs water from our body.  All ailments are worsened and healing slowed when we are dehydrated, depending on the severity of dehydration.  It is believed that 2/3 of all visits to the E.R. are a result of symptoms of dehydration.  Expensive emergency I.V. saline drip is administered as the treatment for dehydration far too often. Adding hydrated Chia to our diet, especially during warm weather is very inexpensive prevention.   Proper digestion, complete assimilation of nutrients and optimal cell function is not possible without optimum hydration.  Improve your  health and optimize Chia’s economical properties by hydrating Chia before consuming.  Only pure water maximizes Chia’s soluble fiber hydration and germination potential.  Keep a jar of hydrated Chia gel in the refrigerator ready to add to any beverage and any of your favorite foods.  


  • How much water should I add to Chia seed?

To get the most value from Chia, Mother Chia recommends that Chia ALWAYS  be hydrated with at least 9 times its weight in water before consuming. Please see instructions for making Chia Gel for foods and for beverages.  Then, if possible, allow to germinate for 12 to 24 hours. This will ‘activate’ Chia’s rich hydrophilic soluble fiber and germinating will multiply the antioxidant levels by 3 times !!!  Hydrating Chia, Mother Chia believes, is where the true ‘Magic of Chia’ lies that makes Chia our best economical  Superfood choice.

Hydrating Chia yields at least 10 times more Chia in its edible, ‘activated’ form, yet still very nutrient dense and far more digestible, so that its nutrients are properly digested and absorbed.


  • Why should Chia not be consumed dry?

Mother Chia cautions to NEVER eat dry chia seed, whole or ground, as dehydration plays a major roll in the cause of most chronic ailments that can lead to disease…. More information to follow….

1 lb of Chia will make 10 lbs of Chia gel.  So, you can divide what you paid per lb by 10!

  • Why is Chia so good for our health?

Optimum health is dependent on primarily 2 factors: 1. nourishing our cells and               2: protecting our cells from damage.  For any process in our body to take place at peak performance, our cells require adequate hydration.  A mere 6% drop in hydration can cause cell death.  Aging, mutations of cells and disease are greatly accelerated by dehydration.  Only plant foods contain fiber that keeps us hydrated and keeps our digestive system clean, regular and able to properly digest food and assimilate nutrients.  Chia has the highest content of both soluble and insoluble ‘rough’ fiber in the plant kingdom.  Mother Chia believes that fiber is the most critical deficiency in the American diet, making Chia  our most valuable food to improve our health.


  • What makes Chia the #1 functional food of today?

Chia seed is the most nutrient dense food ever discovered with the broadest spectrum of nutrients found in one food.  Chia is earth’s richest plant source of Omega-3, is a ‘complete’ protein seed, is rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, iron and many trace minerals, in addition to being our richest source of fiber.  In its dry form, Chia is a high calorie food, as most of its calories come from unsaturated healthy fats. However, its magical properties and what targets our most critical nutritional deficiencies in people today is its rich soluble fiber content, which, when hydrated, reduce calories in our diet.  Chia has the ability to absorb over 14 times its weight in water.  Chia is so nutrient dense that it still offers a rich, ‘complete’ source of nutrients when hydrated and  extends hydration, making its nutrients more bio-available AND every process of digestion work better.


  • Does Chia help to slow aging?

Chia’s broad spectrum of antioxidants mop up free radicals created not only as a byproduct of  burning calories, but by our ever increasing exposure to oxidation and toxins.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which otherwise stabilize themselves by reacting with our healthy cells, thereby damaging  these cell, resulting in signs of aging.  Deficient  intake of antioxidants also makes our immune system work harder, robbing us of energy.  Antioxidants are present only in plant foods and Chia is, again,    the plant kingdoms’ richest source, with 10 different antioxidants identified.  Hydrating and germinating Chia triples its antioxidant value and is very effective in slowing the aging process. 


  • How does Omega-3 help us stay healthy?

Chia is earth’s richest, renewable source of Omega-3.  Omega-3 is in the membrane of every cell in our body and is concentrated in the brain, especially in the message receptors and nerve endings. This is where ALL signals are sent by the brain to the body that control every biological process and movement, either voluntary or involuntary.  Omega-3 is essential for healthy brain function and is especially important for pregnant women and growing children.


  • Is Chia a good protein source? 

Yes, Chia’s high quality ‘complete protein’ is a perfect food for body builders, pregnant women, nursing mothers and growing children. Chia gel is a great food for optimum health at any age and most easily digested of any food for the very young, the elderly and anyone with compromised digestion and health.  Containing all 8 essential amino acids, Chia is a high quality plant protein without cholesterol, that is a great choice for anyone interested in  building muscle or just building a strong, healthy body.


Mother Chia considers Chia the greatest economical value of any food on the market today.  When considering Chia’s great ability to support health, we believe it to be our most valuable dietary solution for enjoying and preserving our health, rather than falling victim to today’s unsustainable cost of treating disease.